Album Coupon Organizer

Album Coupon Organizer

Here is a portable way to easily organize your coupon stash! This is a more accessible format than the traditional coupon index file.

We used a 6 x 6 in. scrapbook photo album. We added 20 extra pages and put removable tabs to separate the coupons. The album allows for quick viewing of your entire inventory, so you won’t miss a deal!

  1. Acquire a 6 x 6 in. scrapbook photo album that can accept extra pages.
  2. Clip and organize your coupons into categories such as: frozen foods, breakfast foods, beverages, snacks, side dishes, baby needs, paper goods, etc.
  3. Label the coupon categories with Post-it® Durable Tabs or a similar product, for easy viewing and retrieving.

Helpful Hints: 

  • The majority of my coupons are for grocery store items. Under the grocery tab, I organize the coupons in the order of my store’s aisles. For example, the cereal aisle is aisle 1, so my cereal coupons come first in the album.
  • Keep your organizer in your purse for easy access.
  • Schedule a dedicated time to clip or print coupons weekly.
  • Weekly, review the expiration dates to keep your organizer updated and to familiarize yourself with your inventory.

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